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During the lockdown I had nothing to do so I started doing coding and began with my Extended Essay research work. But I realised soon that this particular time period would be perfect to start working out as I have more free time compared to before. So soon I started working out on a daily basis as it is very important that I reduce weight. I created a proper schedule about when to workout. My usual time to workout was in the evening as the online classes come to an end I have a good amount of free time. So I started working out by watching Youtube videos.

L1(Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth) Even though I am overweight and fall under the category of obese my body is quiet adaptive. I was easily able to do most of the exercise. I was able to complete all the sets and follow the video, some of the exercise I found difficult but my mom helped me by giving me various techniques that I could use so I can complete the exercise. The most difficult part for me was to stick to the routine, it was hard for me to follow the routine next day as my body would be paining, but my mom motivated me to follow it.

L2( Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills)- My major challenge was to complete a full set of extensive ab workout routine, I focused on my abs more as I wanted to flatten my stomach. I used a technique where I strat with 5 mins one day and the next day keep increasing the timing, after a while I was able to complete the ab routine.

L3( Initiate and plan a CAS experience)- As this is a long term goal I created a routine for myself, where I targeted various parts of my body, for the first three days I will focus on on part (eg-Upper Back), on the second day some other part and so on. The on the fourth day will would do all the exercise at a go and on the fifth I would add one extra routine with cardio. I planned this and followed it for sometime but then the link broke up due to various school submissions.

L4( Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience)- As I have a heavy body I used to get tired and my body would pain a lot. Many times I thought of giving up but, regained energy and followed the process. I took baby steps so I did not burn out and kept on following the routine.

As there where many submissions that we had to do, I was not able to follow the routine properly from last 2 weeks. But I still try to do a little bit. I am going to resume the whole plan one more time and this time with perfection. Even though my link broke for a bit, I am going to find time and regain the mommentum.

This is the channel I used to do workout.

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