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Recently I created a blog on a site called as, I designed and created a blog page where I have entered one blog entry for now. I have many strong opinions and thoughts but usually i don’t speak them just because I don’t feel like it. I have been told by my friends that my opinions are quiet complex and correct which can help many people. So in lockdown I had a thought of creating a blog, but due to other school task I could not work upon it. Last month I finally decided to create and design my own blog page, and few days back I added my first post. As I have this basic understanding about the human nature and I analyse people well, I decided to create this blog and write about many areas.

L1( Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth)- In my blog post I talk about basic elements of life that have enough power to help us control our life(Understanding the meaning of life, Internet and happiness). Here I realised that I actually have the ability to understand people at a deeper level and connect with them. So writing about these topics is quiet easy for me and I also don’t need to conduct a huge research. Other than that I have a good amount of experience in developing a site so within 30-45 min I was able to set up my main blog site. The area where I need to grow is to plan and form proper ideas and note them down.

L2( Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills)- Main challenge I faced was during writing my first blog post, I had many ideas and areas that I could talk about. Even when I was writing the blog I had many eureka thoughts. I was able to complete my blog and inculcate all the main ideas about the topic(Elements of Life). To overcome this problem I started taking notes on a paper and while writing the blog I made sure that I cover all my points.

L3( Initiate and plan a CAS experience) I was aware that writing a blog can be used as a CAS experience so I created a short checklist in my where I would give time to think and create the blog everyday. The developing the site was easy and quick, but I also needed to constantly change few factors, adn or delete few pages. I gave myself minimum of 10 mins everyday till I wrote the blog, where I would inculcate ideas and points that I can discuss about. I also researched a bit about the topic but it was complex and I wanted my blog to be more relatable.

L4( Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience)-Due to many deadlines such as TOK and Extended Essay I was not able to focus on the blog and felt that I should drop the idea. But I organized my plan and kept it at the very last so that I can clearly think and write.

L6( Engagement with issues of global significance)- The main idea that I was writing about is somewhere connected to mental health. It is a very serious issue as a person brain is the main operation source of any mammal. I talk about topics like true happiness and where to find it, these are some serious topics associated with mental health.

L7( Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions)- As I talk about sensitive topics I need to always make sure that I am not hurting or offending someone’s feelings or thoughts. So I had to write very carefully that no one gets offended.

My overall experience was great and I really enjoyed writing a blog and I will continue writing it.

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