Cycling is one of the few thing that i like to do often and just for fun. In this experience i used my enjoyment in cycling to explore my city and push my physical limits too.

LO 1

I have been cycling since childhood so i am very good at it… or so i thought. The part which I never considered being me cycling is safe spaces only or places which are easy to ride in. When i set out to explore territory i had never been to, cycling became much more difficult because i was faced with patches which i have never dealt with. Furthermore the heavy traffic and unseen locations were hard to navigate. This made me realise how naive i had been.

LO 2

The problems previously mentioned gave me space to improve on the go. each day i would set out on the same path with slight deviations and try to navigate the difficult patches a little better. doing this not only improved my cycling skills but also my knowledge for locations in my city. Furthermore the regular cycling strengthened my lower body although the this change was slow it was still evident.

LO 7
During this experience more often than not i would find people breaking the traffic rules like not stopping at red lights or driving at wrong side of the lane but it was my ethical choice to follow every traffic rule so that at least i would not risk a person’s life and mine either.

Throughout this activity i learned a lot of new cycling skills along with geographical information was gathered. I originally did start it just for the fun but it slowly turned into lessons which are hard to forget.

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