Plank Challenge

In order to pass some time and physically improve my body i took up the plank challenge which is basically a challenge where the person must hold the plank position for a sent duration and the duration increases quickly over a length of 30 days.

LO 1

The main reason i took this challenge was for strengthening my core, during the time i was also doing a custom workout but i realised i was not giving enough exercise to my core hence i improved it in the form of a challenge.

LO 2

The first few days of the challenge were easy because my custom workout included planks for up to 1 minute. But this got significantly tougher when the duration went above 1min 30 secs i had never held a plank this long and i knew it was only going to get longer. in the end i could not complete this challenge because it just got too long for me. If i ever take this challenge up again ill customise it to a longer 60 day period and equaliase the durations more generously.

LO 4

Although this challenge could not be completed by me i was still able to hold on till a great 17 days. i showed commitment by pushing myself to the limit almost everyday because i genuinely wanted to finish and beat this challenge.

I found this challenge wasn’t fun at all instead it was full of pain but it was still fruitful since it did help my core and also revealed my many mistakes in technical aspects like posture. This also revealed my physical limits and my mental limits which i can improve on in the future.

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