Global Odyssey

Global Odyssey was an event held on 5th February 2020 as a collaboration between Business Management and Economics students. The event consisted of various stalls including the food stall where i participated. My task was to replenish cold water and serve cocoa. I focused on cooperation and rapid service.

LO 1

My stall involved a lot of cooking but I identified that as my weakness therefore i took up the responsibility to server the customers and replenish some items needed for the stall to operate. I struggled to communicate efficiently with the customers at the start but i slowly learned how to deal with a large crowd during the process.

LO 2

Throughout the event I learned various skills, one of them was dealing with a crowd. I also actually learned how to cook certain things through my teammates. During the day i realised a important lesson which is to trust your teammates and always try to assist them/ ask them to assist you with tasks that are difficult.

LO 5

During the peak hours of the event we were getting a lot of customers at the same time, this overwhelmed me but my teammates offered help and we successfully got through that phase. This made me realise that asking for help is always a good idea and good communication is the key to working effectively.

LO 6
Through this event we were supporting the MISSING campaign which aim at raising awareness about female trafficking.

LO 7

While preparing and serving food items to customers we had the ethical duty of maintaining hygiene and care for the health of those being served to do so we chose to discard items which were out in the open for too long and wash hands whenever necessary.

Over all this event allowed me to realise a few strengths and reinforced my communication, catering skills. It also left me with a important about teamwork, overall i really enjoyed this event.

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