Learning Japanese

Japanese is an interesting language to me because i am a frequent watcher of anime. Since anime is usually in japanese I have to watch anime through subtitles. The thought of being able to understand what the characters say without reading the subtitles was fascinating to me hence i started learning this language.

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When starting to learn japanese I realised that i recognised a lot of words being taught orally, I speculated that it was the effect of watch many hours of anime with subtitles. The exposure to so much anime had allowed me to understand japanese through listening and i was able to speak it with fair accuracy, I identified these as my strengths. My main weakness was reading and writing since the shows did not teach me that therefore I started to learn reading and writing japanese through youtube videos.

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The most challenging part was the japanese kanji characters, kanji is one of the scripts used to read and write japanese. The problem was to memorise various kanji characters because each word has its unique character. Additionally the characters are difficult to draw and looked very different to the scripts i am used to seeing. I soon realised that there is no method of speeding up this process of learning so i took the approaching of revising a few characters everyday.

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In order to approach this language i had to make a complete day to day plan so that i could be consistent with my learning and progress. At the beginning i was studying whenever i felt like but i soon realised that I was forgetting certain words due to lack of revision so I made a routine to fix that.

By learning Japanese I realised how much i was missing in the true meaning of phrases spoken by characters and I also learned how to properly learn a language. This experience was very fun and rewarding for me although it became quite frustrating at times.

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