CAS Personal Profile _ Nishil

Hello, my name is Nishil Kapadia and i am 17 years old.

I am very much passionate about programming and coding. I really like to puzzles and problem involving logic and that feeling of euphoric when you finally find a solution to a given problem. For me, it is also not just an analytical and logical but concurrently an artistic skill because just like a painting or sculpture, the same result could be produced from all different methods and how elegantly anyone does is an art itself.

Skills I would like to improve is my communication skills because through various activities in CAS especially the group ones, dealt with an intense amount of communication and collaboration, and while doing so it was apparent for me that I struggled to communicate efficiently.

I would like my self more involved in a more uncomfortable position because that is what makes stronger and more confident. In the past, being in an uncomfortable position is what made me like that particular thing even more now. Life is all about learning from mistakes and to never settle. No matter how hard it gets, it is important to remember you are always learning and moving forward. Some of the issues or concern I often face is anxiety from all the competition.

The interesting thing to learn more about is playing football because I am a regular watcher of European football competing, I would like to develop skills in playing that sport. Scuba diving is aways a thing I wanted to do because I always imagined underwater being the most peaceful and calm.

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