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Hey! I’m Teesha Bhadiyadra, 17- year old girl currently studying in Fountainhead School, Surat. I can’t decide one thing that i enjoy doing or learning, there are so many things i love spending time on such as cooking, i am very fond of trying new things especially when it comes to food 🙂 , so cooking more specifically baking is something i enjoy a lot. Painting is another activity i spend my time on when i feel stressed and want to divert my mind to something else rather than academics, i personally do think that i’m pretty good with it although not many people know this about me. One thing that i think is different about me is that i am in love with learning new languages, it might sound a bit weird as i don’t know many people who enjoy this, however i find it really interesting because learning a new language is not just learning how to communicate differently but its exploring a whole other culture which i find really cool.

Apart from a few of the activities i mentioned above, i am someone who is interested in studying sciences more specifically biology. It is something i enjoy and would want to pursue my career related to it. I wish to do something that is different from my other family members, something that makes me happy as well, i think its very important to do something in which i can be myself and be happy with whatever i do.

Something i would really want to do is help the ones in need. It may sound like a cliché, something that everyone would like doing but i want to do something for someone because i know that i am extremely lucky with whatever i have be it my education, my friends, my family and many other things. I feel like i do sometimes take things for granted and don’t realise the fact that i’m so blessed to have all this while there are so many people around the world who don’t even have half of what i do.

Something else i would like to do for myself is learn about painting, i do paint but that’s just as my hobby, i would love to learn from a professional- that would be cool. Maybe after completing school, i could think about working upon this.

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