Halloween party (project)

Halloween party (project)

I like to coordinate events and I have a good skill of coordinating and communicating which will help me in the event. On 1 Oct my friend had an idea of organizing a Halloween party and he shared this idea with me.i was very much excited because we had to plan everything and organize the whole event on our own. Our aim  of the event is to learn new things and to experience our own strengths and weaknesses and the event was for charity and all the profit will be donated. We decided on the place of the event which was at teris of my friends’ building. We planned a rough budget and took RS 250 from everyone who was planning to come to the party. We decided we will do some decoration on our own and we also took help from decoration companies. We planned we would keep food. My friend made garlic bread from home and I arranged speakers and mattresses .We also went to different places to buy materials for decorations. We had a big risk as it was monsoon and there was a chance of rain but we had no back up for that  


I got to know I was good at coordinating and this was my strenth.my weakness was budgeting. our budgeting was not good and finance was not planned so it was a big problem and because of it we had to face many problems.

Next time we will do budgeting before so we don’t have to face problems and the work is easy 


The shortage of time and budgeting plans made the activity difficult. A proper plan was required and failed to complete that so we were not able to manage our time and finance both.

LO 3 

Me and my partner distributed work quality so it helped us to finish our work on time, also we made a list for all the things that we need to organize the party that helped us to be organized well and complete our work on time. I am not a organised person but i tried organising things in this task and it went very well so i will try and organised myself from now on Yes I discovered skills that i didn’t know i was good at such as management and also planing i got know thought this event.


Completing daily tasks and doing the work on time was required and commitment was needed to complete this event. It is hard to commit things and be consistent. Being consistent is not easy but it is important to be consistent to achieve long term goals. 


For me working with others is easy and I am comfortable with it because if we work with others there are many skills others have so we can divide work which can be easy. During this activity I was comfortable and my partner had no complications and we distributed work according to our skills. 

In conclusion, we faced many problems but we managed to overcome them. Our other friends also helped us in that and our project was successful and everyone enjoyed it. We learned a lot of things from this project. I will take care of things that we lacked during this event and will try not to repeat the same. 


Ethics were important considering organizational tasks, ethical issues like accounting,i could show that i have earned less and then will have to donate less. Ethical issues don’t affect me as I was well aware of ethics . 

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