I enjoy cooking food and also serving people. I also take initiatives to serve food in gurudwara in the langers. This activity is related to both of my interests in making food and also serving. I like a random act of kindness which also involves serving people without getting anything in return and this also makes people happy which gives satisfaction to me
I took part in Seva cafe and we were told what food item we had to bring from home. The idea of seva cafe was to donate all the money that was collected from the cafe.there was no price decided for the food items it was on the people how much money they wanted to pay for it. We were told to come early to school so we could prepare the food. After I finished my job I had time so I helped people with decoration. We made boxes for collecting money.


I identified my weakness and strength when I was doing this activity, during the activity when I was making food I realized I enjoy it and it is my one of the strengths, whereas when I was helping people in decoration I go to know I am not good at it and it is my weakness.Now when I get to know my weaknesses and strengths I can use them wisely and I can also improve my weaknesses.if we are not aware of our strengths and weaknesses we do not know what we are good at and what we have to improve. and we won’t be able to improve or be successful if we don’t know our strengths and weaknesses.  


The most challenging thing was decoration because I have never tried it before and this was the first time I did it so I felt it was challenging for me. I overcome this challenge by learning how to make box from my friend but I did not learn it properly because of less time but I managed to help others in making

Working in a group is always beneficial in my point of view. In this particular activity, I did not face any difficulties in working with my peers. If I was working alone I would not be able to deal with all the challenges that we faced. As we were a group and everyone contributed in different ways we were able to overcome all the challenges. When we faced the problem each group member gave ideas and contributed from which we were able to deal with all the challenges.

LO 6 

Health is a big issue and many people do not know how to cook hygienic and be healthy so knowing this issue helped to learn something new. 

In conclusion, this activity helped me to know my weakness and strength and I also enjoyed doing the activity , helping people and serving food.


while cooking i wore gloves in Oder to followed the rules of cooking also when i used the gas for cooking I made sure i was in adult supervision .

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