Due to pandemic withinside the global due to covid-19 many sports had been prohibited via way of means of the authorities and gymnasiums had been additionally closed. This had a totally terrible effect on my health as I changed intonow no longer capable of do right exercise at home. After a few sports had been allowed withinside the metropolis me and my  friends determined to begin biking. I changed intonow no longer a everyday cycler however I knew the way to experience a cycle. This changed into a amusing hobby for me. We had a repair course of sixteen kms.

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The essential task for me changed into to do non-stop biking because it did now no longer do any bodily sports for a long term so I used to get worn-out very without problems and additionally i needed to put on a masks throughout biking due to covid-19 this changed into additionally a task because it changed into now no longer comfortable. 

Also 5 kms is a totally lengthy distance so I additionally confronted muscle pain. I changed into now no longer in everyday education as I changed into dealing with stamina troubles this is the motive it changed into so tough for me for some days. I changed into now no longer acquainted with sporting a masks and biking. That changed into one greater motive I was worn-out. Muscle pain is a aspect impact of the pressure placed on muscle tissues whilst you exercising.I even have now no longer attempted biking for a long term and I even have now no longer completed biking for a totally lengthy distance so this changed into my first time.I confronted troubles for 3-four days however then I tailored to it. Also i used to be tailored to sporting a masks so after four-five days that changed into now no longer a hassle for muscle tissues pain  needed to do stretching after biking this helped me to conquer muscle pain. After overcoming the demanding situations I discovered that variation of factors can help. If we adapt, matters might be smooth for us. If we adopt new demanding situations we are able to research new matters, recognise our weaknesses and strengths and paintings upon our weaknesses.

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Regular biking required dedication as I commenced after an extended destroy my legs use to ache however I changed into everyday to hold my health. This required dedication. Being devoted to matters may be very essential in lifestyles if u aren’t devoted you won’t acquire something. Being devoted calls for a purpose and dedication may be very essential in reaching a purpose. If we cognizance on a long time purpose for instance being match or scoring properly marks in ib/dp it’ll require dedication and u must paintings day by day on the way to acquire that purpose. 

LO 6 

Health is a worldwide issue, many human beings die due to the fact they’re now no longer match, human beings die due to weight problems that’s a worldwide issue. People do now no longer do everyday exercising or exercise on the way to be match. This ends in fitness troubles. Cycling helped me to live match withinside the lockdown period. Obesity and plenty of different fitness peoples that arise because of much less exercise impacts globally as  2.8 million human beings die due to weight problems and other peoples. 

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