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Hello, I am Manas Arora and I am 17 years old. One of the things I am most passionate about is football. I love playing the sport and I have also competed in many tournaments with my school team. I have learnt a lot through sports like determination, persistence, teamwork, etc. and it also helps me stay active and fit. Playing football also helps me take a break from studying and stay fresh. Apart from football, I also like playing guitar occasionally and I also like reading books.

CAS helped me take on new challenges and learn new skills. It also encouraged me to give back to the community and support good causes. I am an athletic person, so the activity strand was fairly easy for me. However, I got to learn new skills from the creativity strand. I developed an interest in cooking and also learned about the implications of python in finance which may be inclined with my career choice.

I think you need to constantly challenge yourself in life to learn new things and grow as I person. I also believe that there is no age for learning new skills, and so I will continue to go through new CAS experiences in life even after graduation.

I think it is very important to save the environment as it is a very important issue that needs to be dealt with, or else it could have a devastating outcome in the future. Hence, I try to help the environment in any way I can.

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