I wanted to increase my stamina and thought that it would be perfect to do gymming since I wanted to do it for a long time. Doing gymming made me feel strong and confident about myself. Not only was I giving my time for studying but was also maintaining my physical health. I did observe an increase in my stamina and I was proud of myself. CAS helped me try something new and I am glad that I grabbed the opportunity to do so.

LO1: I did identify my strengths and weaknesses during the activity and I feel like I could beat my weaknesses. It is important to know your strength so you can use it at the right time and beat all the weaknesses that hold you back. I figured out that lack of stamina was one of my weaknesses and I worked on it and now it benefits me while running in marathons.

LO2: I used to get tired very easily due to the lack of stamina and now that I have undertaken this challenge, I feel strong and positive about myself. It is important to undertake new challenges so I could beat all my fears and weaknesses that come in my way.

LO4: I go to my club’s gym which is far from my home so sometimes the time didn’t permit but I had to stay regular which made my schedule difficult. I had to be persistent to go to the gym. It is easy for me to commit to things because I take the responsibility of myself and it is very important to be persistent to make things work well.

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