Online CS Hackathons

During the lockdown, many hackathons were taking place online. Hackathons are basically 24-48 hours competitions, where participants have to build prototypes of real world problems. It is a great way to learn new things and collaborate with others. I participated in around 7 hackathons over the past few months. Few of the projects I made include Hands Up, a platform for students to solve their academic doubts, Malacite, checking if a website contains malware, Junior chemist, uses AR to teach chemistry and physics, 1.618, a website to teach others about the golden ratio and it also calculates golden ratio of the face using only the image.

L1- When I first started I used the MERN stack, but through these hackathons I learnt a lot of python as I uses ML in my projects. These hackathons helped me to learn about languages I previously did not use

L2- Machine learning is a very challenging topic and with time constraints of 24-48 in almost every competition, I had to work very quickly.

L3- Before the start of each hackathon, we had an ideation stage for discussing the ideas of the hack and then we distributed roles to increase efficiency

L4- Many times I came on a road block due to errors and bugs, however with the help of online resources like Stack Overflow I was able to solve my doubts

L5- In most of my projects, I worked in a team because there was so much to do in the projects. Everyone brought a different skillset to the table to we tried to utilize all of them

L6- The aim of hackathons are to build solutions for real world problems, projects like malacite are very useful in the real world, as they detect malware in websites

L7- I made sure that my work was not plagiarized and if I used external resources, I mostly cited them in my projects.

Video demos of my projects-

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