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Hello, I’m Ekaansh Patel from Surat, Gujarat, India. I am 17 years old. Currently, I am fighting against IB in Fountainhead School. I am glad that this is my last year at school and I can finally implement my learning from IB in the real world. While IB has been quite useful to me, it surely isn’t something that I enjoy the most. I have always enjoyed engaging in physical activities like sports, gymming, etc. Cricket, basketball, and Frisbee have always been my favorite sports and I can consider them as my talent as I am reasonably good at it. I’m really interested in cooking and especially eating new food from different cuisines. 

CAS was a component that helped me to grow as a person, this helped me explore things, which I have never tried in my life and also helped me develop my skills in a particular set of activities. Although I have explored various sports, I have never really explored the field of music. I have tried to learn how to play drums and guitar, but I haven’t evolved in the field of music. The things I am passionate about is traveling, Trekking, Cycling, Photography, and being at the beaches. I want to experience everything there is to offer in this life. I want to travel to new places, experience new cuisines, and meet new people, understanding their culture and tradition. Keeping all this aside, There are many things which I want to try but haven’t yet, which are: Sky diving, go on a world tour, to climb Everest, scuba diving, cliff dive, Fishing, and many other things. “I learned many great lessons, — not the least of which is that you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”

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