CAS project – FIFA tournament

Strands catered to: Creativity, Service

For our CAS project, my friends and I decided to organize a fundraising event, in which we invited people to take part in FIFA tournament, in which people competed against each other to get a winning prize. We planned to donate the surplus money that we raise, and use it towards a societal cause. We invited nearly 40 people to this event, which allowed us to raise Rs. 2000 collectively. Along with this, some people decided to give us some extra money to donate to a charitable organization. It was a successful event, which I will always be proud of. The reason why we conducted a FIFA tournament was there were many people who were willing to take part in such competitions, which allowed us to reach more people.  My friends and I were able to conduct and plan this event independently, which is an achievement for me since I didn’t have any experience in carrying-out such events. We designed posters and created a page on social media to attract more people towards this cause. 

The learning outcomes fulfilled are:

L1: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth 

Being able to conduct a social event with any guidance, was not something I had done before. While this process I did end up making some mistakes, which showed me the areas that I need to improve upon. I became ignorant and lazy sometime and kept procrastinating this task. Due to this, a lot of work piled up, which made it very difficult for me to do all the task effectively. Through this I understood I should learn to manage and prioritize my work, and not leave it for completing later even when I have time to finish it. I also realized that I can design attractive posters and communicate with people, which allowed me to gather participants for this work

L2 and L4: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills, commitment to and perseverance

At first, I wasn’t able to talk with people to tell them regarding this event. I thought it would be done effortlessly and people would automatically approach us to take part in this event. But that did not happen. It took time and effort to find participants for this event. My friends and I went to every class in our school to promote our event. We messaged many people on social media and asked them to come to our event. This process taught me a very important lesson, which is that I have to learn to talk with people and to make things successful, I have to be patient and give in the right amount of time and effort.

L3: Initiate and plan a CAS experience

We planned this process very thoroughly, to make sure everything is handled appropriately and our event is carried out smoothly. We did budgeting for this event, plan when we will publish our posters, planned when and where we will conduct our event. This planning was crucial, since it gave us deadlines to meet.

L5: Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively

We decided to work in a group of 4 people. We delegated our work amongst us, according to what everyone was good at. I was creative and good at communicating, therefore I designed the posters and talked with people. The rest of my group members were good at planning and managing things, being resourceful, etc. which allowed carrying this event without many difficulties

L6 and L7: engagement with issues of global significance, recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

The surplus we managed to collect was donated to Red Cross Lebanon, after the disturbing incidence at Beirut, which shocked the entire World. We donated everything we were able to raise through this event, along with some other money that was donated to us by some participants. We evaluated that we as humans should support each other, whenever required, with whatever we can provide. We were careful with choosing which organization we donate to since some charities are a fraud.

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