SAT Tutoring

SAT is a standardised test that high schools students have to attempt for getting admitted to US colleges. As I am going to apply for US colleges, I also gave the SAT once. In my summer break, I and my friends decided to start a SAT tutoring programme for students in our school, as we noticed that SAT preparation can be done right without spending a dime. Based on our experiences, we did not have guidance for preparation, so we took very inefficient approaches, but through this experience we wanted to help others using the lessons we learnt. I was in charge of the maths part of the course, and I was pretty excited to take it up as I am very enthusiastic about the subject. My role was to cover the syllabus of maths section of the SAT and answering individual doubts as well. As the classes were online, we first had to curate the syllabus of the course through online resources and then compile it into a ppt. Before each class I felt a little intimidated and anxious, but I made sure that I was well versed with the content, so I will be able to deliver the content well and be prepared for solving conceptual doubts.

LO 1- I knew that I had pretty good understanding about the maths part, though my oratory skills, especially my fluency were weak

LO 2- As my speaking skills were on the weaker side, I decided to actually teach in the live class, so I can improve

LO 3- I and my team first had to send forms for registrations, we had to divide students into batches, curate the content, assign tasks to students and overall a lot of personalized work for the students

LO 4- For about a month, we worked very hard as a team to give students a headstart in their SAT prep

LO 5- Since there was a lot of work, we had to work as a team efficiently, so we often split up tasks and worked on them simultaneously

LO 6- Education is very important, we believed that helping students for SAT will eventually help them in their educations after high school

LO 7- As there were a lot of courses online already which charged a lot, we decided that the course will be entirely free, as we felt that most of these courses are not worth it and preparing by yourself is the best way. Our goal was to show a path to the students and not actually spoon feed them, this system will then help them to improve by themselves

Overall, I enjoyed the experience, as I myself brushed upon few concepts and helping others also made me feel satisfied. We took few sessions, but each session was very long, maybe if we could have split up the sessions to shorter duration, it would have been easier for students to digest the content.

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