German Lessons

I took German language lessons with the aim to complete at least A1 level of the language course. I am interested in learning new languages so I was also a bit excited. The learning objectives that I achieved through this were LOs 1, 2, and 4.

LO1: I am pretty good at learning new languages as I can usually remember words with daily practice, so I was confident in being able to learn German. I think it is important to know our strengths so that we can use them to progress in any aspect.

LO2: Although I was able to learn the language, I struggled with remembering the grammar sometimes. Although I was able to do somewhat better with practice, I still struggled with remembering the specific articles. I think I would try to just remember the words better or try using a trick to remember them. Learning German will be useful to me in the future because I plan to study in Germany. I was also not able to give my exams because due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were no exam dates.

LO4: This activity required a lot of commitment as I had to go to the classes everyday after school, and they were very far. However, I found it easier to commit to this activity than I usually would because I was excited about it. I also used the time I had while commuting to do my school work, so it wasn’t that difficult.

The learner profile characteristic I developed was being a communicator, as I learned to converse in a different language. I think it was a successful experience as I completed learning German at A1 level, however, I was not able to earn a certificate and I plan to give the exam when exam dates are available. I feel proud of myself for completing the experience. 

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