PS football

I played football at school for good health, weight loss, and playing a team sport to enjoy, I did it from August 2019 to Feb 2020, covering the CAS strand Activity and Learning outcome two, four, and five.  I covered learning outcome two as I faced the challenge of the sunny weather so the PS classes were at two in the afternoon so it was very hot and humid so I drank a lot of water to keep myself hydrated and well. Other than this I also improved my team building skills, team spirit ,by joining football camp and the camp was like a stress reliever for me so after the camp I felt better. I covered learning outcome four as I tried to be regular to the class. It was difficult as some days there were a lot of tasks or some other thing but I tried to be there for the class on time regularly. And as I am a bit lazy when it comes to activity it was difficult for me to be regular but I tried to be on time and continued the activity for 6 months. I covered learning outcome five as football is a team sport and, playing with all is important so this helped me understand the need to work together and collaborate and there were also few issues sometimes such as the team conflicts and difference in perspectives but it was fairly good and everything went well. I enjoyed playing with everyone. It helped  me develop my social skills as well, it was an enjoyable experience for me.  

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