I did meditation and asanas to make the body more flexible and healthier, I did it from May 2020 to July 2020, covering the CAS strand Activity and Learning outcomes one, two , three and four.  

I covered learning outcome one as I identified the strength that my mother used to go for yoga classes for over two years so she could guide me with it and this way in the lockdown and quarantine also which was a challenge to me I could do exercise for my better health. Other than this as I am a bit lazy it was difficult for me to be regular but my mom was very strict to it and she helped me be regular with her guidance as well. I covered learning outcome two as I developed my stamina and strength through yoga which helped me feel better and lighter.This helped me to focus on my other task and develop concentration which was very positive.  I covered learning outcome three as I decided to exercise and yoga on my own and started with it and took the help of my mother to plan it and get through it and as due to COVID 19 it was not possible to go out of the house for gym or any other activity, this was very important to work out at home to maintain so I did yoga to make my body more flexible. I covered learning outcome four as I  continued with my experience for the 3 months duration even after I had the challenge to work on my EE, do online classes but I stuck to my timetable for the exercise, and regular commitment for yoga is very important  and as if brakes are taken then the body does not get use to the exercises and then it does not benefit the body so regularity is very important in this so I worked towards it.  I thought it was beneficial for me and also helped me stay healthy in the lockdown time. 

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