For better health and to lose weight I did exercise and gym in my society. I did it from July 2019 to February 2020, covering the CAS strand Activity and learning outcome one, three, and four. 

I covered learning outcome one as I identified my weakness of laziness and so I knew I would not be regular for the workout so to get regular exercise, I joined with my few friends who were already going to the gym so in this way I got company from them which helped me to be regular. I covered learning outcome three as I went to the gym and got a pass for me and decided to go gym myself so this made me self motivated as it was my choice and I was not doing it forcefully, secondly I organised my time after school in a way that I could go to the gym and do workout.

The main aim for the gym was to lose weight and better health and this was achieved due to regularly going to the gym and I felt very energetic after the gym was done. 

 I covered learning outcome four as due to the assignments in school, exams, homework, etc. I got really tired and did not want to go to the gym or exercise but as I went with a group of friends it made my mood light and hence I continued with the activity. 

Secondly it is very important to be regular at the gym as breaks lead to body getting stiffer and then difficulty in coping up with the regular exercise so I kept this in mind and stayed regular to the gym other than this I covered the learner profile Balanced to manage my time for the activity, assignments, and family time as well.This was a great experience for me working for my good health and enjoying it.

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