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My name is Shubham Bhotika, I am a 17-year-old IBDP student. I have enjoyed my IB experience a lot, even though there are plenty of submissions, CAS was one of those things which was truly enjoyed and a different experience. My hobbies include cooking, relaxing, reading but I am a lazy person but with CAS I could balance my day and do all activities so somewhere CAS helped me get more balanced and give importance to all of things. 

In my CAS experiences, I did multiple tasks,  in the process, I identified a different me, doing the various tasks, I found myself organizing things, planning, working in teams, cooking, playing, and various other responsibilities. It was challenging for me to perfectly handle my extracurricular activities with studies but CAS helped me overcome this demand. 

My CAS project was the best experience in the whole 2 years CAS work, it was something new and had a lot of work to do but it helped me understand the importance of collaboration in completing a task and for the first time I was leading the group, before that I played a key role in a group project but for the first time I was leading the group, I was very excited for it and as this was a project which was out of the box, I was needed to move out of my comfort zone and work towards the fulfillment of it. Other than this many other experiences which I did in the CAS where the first times of my life such as the Global odyssey and Monsoon musing this all made me extrovert and also gave me a good experience. 

Further, in the CAS process, I improved in a lot of skills such as communication, team building skills, management skills, etc, and also got to know about my talent for cooking which I encountered during the whole process. 

I believe that working together and synergizing is important but the individual spirit is also a key to success. I love to keep myself organized and ready for anything coming to me and giving my hundred percent achieving it and being competitive for everything and working towards the goals. 

In the future I would like to pursue my education in Business Management and Economics and become a person,  people can learn and inspire from, making my parents proud. In the future, I would like to learn more about cooking and also taste various cuisines of food and live and travel the world with my family.  

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