ActivitiesDescription of the activityLearning Outcomes achievedComponents (C/A/S)
Community service.Teaching the underprivileged children arts and craft every weekend.


Service (S), Creativity(C)
Monsoon MusingsBeing there as a project aid, anchor and decoration head to help the event to take place with ease.3,4Creativity (C) Service(S)
Garba classLearning and performing different steps of dodhiya.1,2Activity(A)
BasketballLearn different skills and how to play a game .1,2,4,5Activity (A)
YogaMake myself physically more strong, healthy and flexible. Help myself increase my stamina ,6,4,2Activity(A)
Creative melaLearn and apply different creative skills that I know to teach children stone painting.2,4,1Creativity(C) Service(S)
Global odysseyTake care of the decorations for this event where a little market space kind of thing was organised integrating economics and business management which showed global connectivity and variety.5,3,7Creativity(C) Service(S)
FarewellOrganising a farewell for our seniors1,2,3,4,5,7Creativity(C) Service(S)
Bal melaOrganising a balmela for students of SMC schools to enjoy a wide range activities with the help of appointing student volunteers to conduct these activities.6,7,5,3Creativity(C) Service(S)

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