CAS personal portfolio

I have doing cas for more than a year now and i have realized that i have learned a lot of things that will be useful for me in future and I look forward to doing it more.

So from doing cas i have realized my talents as that I am good at painting and sketching, I am good at cooking such as making pancakes etc. I am good at time management and i am also good at exercises. but I also enjoy listening to music and then dancing on it, I also enjoy eating different varieties of food and most of all I enjoy watching various kinds of web series.

however I would like to improve my skill such as on focusing and improving my vocabulary. I want to be involved in organizing a party for the people.

I have a different opinion on life as I think in life we have to go through ups and downs in order to achieve what we want and we have to be focus on our aim no matter what and we can be successful. therefore i have to work on my anger issues so in order to be able to get good grades.

I want to learn more about finance businesses and how they function under different circumstances and I always want to try acting and I hope one day I will get a chance.

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