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I was very keen to learn how to cook but I never really got that much time to learn this skill totally. However, during the lockdown, we had a tonne of free time so I decided to learn how to cook new stuff, different varieties and much more. I tried making pasta, stuffed garlic bread(clone to one available at Domino’s), sweets like rasgulla, gulab jamun, mug cakes, and more items, especially ones made from chocolate. My sister in law, Swati Chandak was always there to guide me through the process, how much ingredients to be there, how to bake, how to blend(cheese cream for mug cake), and everything else. I also found recipes online for the same and YouTube videos too, which helped me a lot to make these stuff. While learning how to cook, I was able to achieve several Learner Objectives like LO1, LO2 and LO4.

LO1 as it was important for me to understand my interest in cooking, I had no idea that I will love cooking things until I tried to do. I helped my sister in law in making mug cakes, and I realised that I like doing such stuff. So, I had to identify what was I good at, so I realised I’m good at blending cheese cream while adding the perfect amount of sugar and other concentrations were difficult for me, hence, I approached my sister in law for the same. And slowly slowly, with time, I was able to understand that in what amount, what thing should be added to make it taste the best. It was important for me to understand this, else I wouldn’t have been able to apply this in my cooking and would not have produced a good output too.

LO2 as there were many challenges, for example, availability of ingredients, so it was important to learn how to work without that ingredient, i.e. finding a good alternative, and still being able to retain the good taste. This is important to learn as there are times when some material is not available yet being able to produce a good output is very challenging but important. And I have tried doing cooking earlier as well but only in the form of helping at home to do some particular part of preparing those dishes but during this lockdown, I prepared full dishes on my own(with a little guidance of my sister in law).

LO4 as sometimes, it felt really tiring and especially waiting for things to get prepared, timely keeping a check on the food so that it does not burn, and bakes properly, it does not blend very much or the other way round. I also prepared rotis sometimes, in which also it was important to be able to make a perfect shape, with equal thickness throughout so that it bakes properly. And various other things are important but this is very tiring as well sometimes, but this was important as well, hence being patient and keeping a good check on the stuff was important and I was after a few times, able to easily overcome the time by simultaneously doing something else or preparing something in advance itself.


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