Learning an instrument was something i always wanted to do but couldn’t decide which one for a long time. I considered my options and came to the conclusion that piano would be a fun instrument to learn since i already had some experience playing a harmonium which is very similar.

LO 1

When i started playing the piano I decided i would learn by myself through youtube videos and free lessons. I soon came to realise that my learning pattern was very irregular and the progress i was making was very limited. It was this realisation that made me consider buying an online course which was created by a professional coach.

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By purchasing the course the beginning phases seemed very easy and i felt like I was making no progress at all but it got challenging eventually to the point where the lessons became very difficult but equally rewarding. along this journey I began to develop skills which i didn’t even notice at the time like my hand-eye coordination, my focus, and my tolerance for repetitive parts. improvement in these aspect also helped me in real life like in certain sports.

overall i really enjoyed this activity and with this enjoyment came a lot of additional benefits and skills. I found learning popular songs on piano to be the most fun part while it being an equally important part for progress.

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