Due to the coronavirus pandemic a lot of our daily lives were affected especially by quarantine. Due to gyms being closed the only option to exercise and maintain my fitness was to start a home workout. this workout was focused not only on maintaining my fitness but also improve endurance and strength in the process.

LO 1

in order realise what kind of workout i needed to do, I tried to identify the areas of my body that needed the most work and parts which needed least. I came to a conclusion that my upper body was weaker than my lower body in terms of endurance and strength, hence throughout this activity i was focused on improving that.

LO 2

The most challenging part was to push my body to its limit so that i can consistently see the improvement of my workout. also i was not very used to using my home for workouts so i had to try multiple locations to adjust to this change. finally the significant lack of equipment limited the types of workouts i did so it felt like my progress could have been much faster if not for this limitation

LO 4

In order to make this activity worthwhile and in order to see the physical benefits i had to do this workout every day and doing so was a tough battle with my mind. give up was a though that appeared in my mind the most but i kept going because i was very determined.

This activity in the end was not fun at all but it was necessary in order to see the change i wanted in my body. Somewhere along the way it became more about my mental strength than physical capabilities but the struggle felt worth it.

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