The major reason for learning cooking was to become more eligible and responsible to take care of myself even though no one is around me.Inshort it is a survival skill which I have learned.

LO1:- obviously there were some strengths and weaknesses of mine which I explored during this activity. The weakness I faced was getting the correct judgment of ingredients while cooking the dish. Also in beginning, it was difficult to remember the recipes of the food even though they were easy but still it was a difficult task. Last but not least was time-consuming, as a beginner I took time to cut vegetables and cook dishes. It took around 50 min for me to create a good gravy with all. The strength of mine was to show dedication and focused mind will cooking which helped me to overcome my weaknesses.

LO2:- Cooking was a completely new challenge for me even though my family has a background in the food industry, Learning basic and healthy food was a more difficult than making junk food which we all prefer anytime. So definitely I undertook the cooking challenge to develop my cooking skills which will also help me in my future life as well as act as survival skills.

LO4:- I was always committed to my work. I never missed or forgot what my mom taught me. There was a fixed time where my mom used to teach me some basic cooking and then let me try to cook on my own. Whenever I made any errors she used to correct me and tell me the right way to do. I never lost my focus and determination towards any task I urge to do. This was an important activity as it is going to benefit me in my future lifestyle.


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