Learning Espanol!

It is rightly said that learning a new language is like becoming a whole new person but in learning a new language there comes a challenge with it. But since it was quarantine and we were all at our home, it made sense to learn a new skill and use my time productively. In order to do so I took help from a language learning app known as “DUOLINGO” it is an app that provides a range of languages that you can learn.

The LO’s that were catered in this experience were:


When I started learning this language I got to know my strengths and weaknesses. I have always been good with pronunciations and remembering the words that I have learned in the previous session, the area where I struggled was the stories part of the course where the whole story is in Spanish and many times I used to make mistakes while translating the story in English. Knowing my strengths and weaknesses helped me to keep track of my progress and getting to know my mistakes and work upon it.

I did struggle with the complete translation of stories from Spanish. In this activity, the app helps to make it easier to converse and speak the language that we are learning. In order to overcome this challenge, I used to practice in that area specifically so that I can improve and work upon my weakness.

There were times when I used to procrastinate and to overcome that I made a timetable for myself in order to stick to learning this language. I used to learn this language for 20 mins per day and to stick to that routine the schedule that I created for my self helped me in completing and initiating this experience without any kind of pressure and made the skill learning process fun.

As I’m someone who gets bored of the things easily sticking to the timetable and making time to learn the language has not been easy. Many times I did procrastinate did not want to learn this skill. But I stayed committed to it the app also helped me to stay committed to learning as it had “STREAKS” which is kind of points that we get when we complete the lessons every day. And that commitment to this experience helped me to learn this language.

Choosing this skill to learn will help me in the future and this also helps in learning different cultures. Learning a language helps to get close to culture and learn in great detail about the same and when we learn and start to understand a culture we can respect that culture more and hence justifying me learning this skill and my choice.

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