Pollution, one of the main global issues for which every country around the world has taken a step forward to resolve this issue. We as a group of people had taken a small step to resolve this issue and make our environment clean and hygienic

LO4:- Cleaning the beach was an initiative taken by us to maintain the hygiene of the beach. There are 2-3 times where we have initiated to contribute to our environment by cleaning the beach and its surrounding areas as well. Hence we think we were very much committed to being proactive and help others to save our nature.

LO5:-  Working as a group was very helpful as we were very much productive while extracting the garbage from the beach. The only challenge we have to face was to manage a common time for us to meet as there was a moment where many of them were not available to contribute to this experience.

LO6:- pollution is a global issue which had lead to a lot of destruction in our ecosystem and climate as well. It is very important to save our environment as a lot of habitats had already been destroyed due to which many species have nearly come to the stage of extinction.

LO7:- As a person, I am very much attached to nature I really love this experience and I would definitely like to do it again not for the sake of CAS but for my love towards nature.





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