I and my friends organized an art fest called “Colours Of Hope” which was an online-based art fest where participants had to pay 100 bucks of entry fees and they could submit any kind of artwork. All the funds that we gathered from this event were donated to an old age home-based in Surat. The aim of this event was to help the senior citizens of an old age home in whatever way that we could. All the funds that we received from this event were donated to an old age home and helped them in however way we could in the middle of this crisis.

The learning outcomes that were catered with the help of this experience are:

LO1, LO2,LO3, LO4, LO5, LO6, LO7

To make the flow of the project easier we divided the work among our group members so that the work gets done easily and without any hindrance. Coordinating with people and getting work done has always been my strong pursuits so I was in charge of coordinating with the old age home and the teachers at school getting permissions making sure that the event takes place without any problems. Due to the situation of lockdown, it used to get difficult to coordinate with the old-age home as I could not go over there and talk to them, I missed the one on one conversation with the people and also with my team members and I found out that working virtually was something that I struggled with. But in the end, I and my teammates were able to conduct the event in a proper manner.

The major challenge that I faced was communication, as being in the pandemic and organizing event does not go hand in hand. Communication with the team and talking about the progress of the event was difficult as we had to find a proper time so that each and every member had time to discuss the work that has been done. Communicating with the old age home was also something that was a challenge for me as it was difficult to communicate with hem virtually as every time I used to call one or the other person would not be there, which would not have been the case if I was able to go and meet them personally. We managed to overcome this challenge and managed to have constant communication and made the event a success.

I and my group were a bit late to conduct the CAS project, and it came with its own set of difficulties and challenges but due to the cooperation and understanding within the group, we were able to plan and work on the project really nicely and to make sure that the event can go without any hurdles we used to meet regularly and plan the event and did the brainstorming which helped us to be clear about the project and having a plan helped us to make the event a success.

Being in a pandemic and organizing event is tiresome. Throughout the period there were times when i was not able to focus on the project because of the submissions that i had or just procrastination. But i was able to regain focus and give this project time thinking in the end this all will be worth it as we will be helping the senior citizens.

Working in a group and collaborating with people has a lot of its perks especially in times like this. We divided work among the group according to the strengths and interests of each individual so that no one in the group has an excessive workload and everyone can work in their own space. Working in a group helped to divide the workload. Each and everyone in the group had there own set of tasks that we were supposed to do and we used to check on each other every once in a while with the help of social media get things done.

We decided to donate all of our earnings to an old age home so that they can buy proper equipments that are required by the old age home to fight COVID-19 such as masks, sanitizers, etc. and hence achieving LO 6.

As we had to deal with money we decided that only one member of the group will handle the money. We made sure that each and everything was in a perfect manner so that there will be no mistakes and we do not break any rules during the course and after the event was done. Being working in the group with its perks there is a fair chance of making mistakes that may impact the project. We donated our earnings to an old age home which was the group decision.

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