As cooking is a skill that is the necessity for each and every person. And being a food enthusiast I really wanted to learn this skill that was not just a hobby but will also help me in the other aspects of life.

Since we entered quarantine due to the global pandemic COVID-19, which lead to a lot of free time with a lot of boredom. In order to cure boredom and learn a new skill, I started helping my mom in the kitchen and learning new dishes.

The LO’s that are catered with this experience are:


During learning the skill I found out that I was really good with all the basics of cooking like chopping, learning the recipe quickly, which increased my confidence and made me more excited about this skill. I also found out that my lack of patience really was a negative point in me as cooking is a skill that takes a lot of patience and due to my lack of patience, there were times due to my lack in patience the dish remained undercooked, or because I turned the gas flame to high which leads to the overcooking of the dish. Hence catering to LO1.

Being impatient and working in a kitchen does not go hand in hand there were times when I got burned due to hot vessels as I was not able to handle them properly. At times I was not able to measure the correct amount of spices that go into the dish but got the hang of it after a few weeks. Also, the burns used to hurt a lot and cooking with burns gets very difficult but it made me realize that when you do something without having patience it leads to pain.

Cooking being a very time consuming process, I used to start preparing for a meal in the evening like chopping the vegetables that are required in the dish, making sure that all the ingredients are at home if not making a quick grocery shop runs or working on the alternative of the particular ingredient used to save a lot of time during the actual cooking. This way with the help of an organised plan(LO3) and structure cooking was a lot faster and easier.

Being a procrastinator there were times when i didn’t really want to cook, or was just tired but instead of letting that procrastination getting best of me I used to get up and cook and learn the skill.

Working in the kitchen with someone is always fun and having an extra hand to help you out is a win-win. When I started learning cooking with the help of my mom I noticed that the task becomes less tiring. And it also leads to a decrease in the burden while cooking. Also, me being a beginner, having my mom around with me in the kitchen lead me to have confidence in myself.

This whole experience will be helpful to me in the future wherever I go because food is always a necessity. I considered the choice of the skill I had selected to learn. LO 7 was an important learning as I made sure that the ingredients which were used for cooking were not wasted  and were and I used to make sure that we do make sure that we do not waste food.

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