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Hello, I’m Dheer Anand Sekhani from Surat, Gujarat, India. I am an venturesome teenage who is 17 years old, born on 25,Feb,2003 hence I am a Pisces. I am studying in fountainhead school and I’m in my last year of high school, year 2 of IB Diploma Program, graduating in the year 2021. I love to cook food though I’m not an expert in this field. I know few cuisines like Italian, Mexican, American and a few more as I learned this during lock-down from recipe videos and books through which I am able to help my mother at home when she have huge workload. I’m really interested in trying out new and unexplored food from different part of world. I really love to play football and basketball. I usually play football in school and some weekend camps and basketball with my friends only during weekends. I have been playing football for about 8 years now and basketball for about 2 and a half years. I also enjoy digital sketch and coding online as is a way in which I can express my feelings and thoughts collaboratively. Though I am very irregular in creating codes and doing art, I personally love to read motivational, business and finance related books and I set an deadline by which I have to complete reading the book, which helps me in saving time and less procrastinating and due to which I am able to explore various aspect of business, finance and motivations. I am a super enthusiastic guy who loves to travel both alone and with friends and family, traveling enables to be a better version of myself and it even helps in exploring new things and enables us to learn various lesson from mother nature. I am always excited when it comes to organizing events, shows or anything, in past 2 years I have organized events like Monsoon Musings, trip to lonavala, Farewell hosting, Global odyssey and many more. From these events I am able to get connected to new people, learn team working skills and I am able to handle any last minute crisis as well.

I likewise need to world to be a superior spot for everybody regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, skin shading, nationality, and age. I believe that the mother nature is for us to share and use wisely. We as a whole community should accomplish something in our life which enables us to improves the world for us to live in a better environment. I personally aim to accomplish 2 major things, one is to educate people and shower them with knowledge and secondly take certain steps which keeps mother nature safe from climate change, pollution, deforestation and such issues. Hence if we together take few steps towards saving mother nature we can make Earth a better spot to live for us and our generations as well.

Skills that I would really like to work upon is my communication skills because communicating is as important as listening. I am self-confident, however, I need to work on my confidence in conveying my thoughts, feelings, and ideas to others.

Talking about my outlook on life, I strongly believe that individuals should be defined by what they are, and not the things that they hate for or what are scared of. Hence it is highly important for an individual to identify his/her ardor and follow what they it until the individual achieves it, there would be end number of obstacles, however we should never give up and achieve our ardor. I found my goal using all my CAS experience as it enabled me to have a broader perspective and I was open-minded towards all my experiences. My personal goal in life as utilize all my complete energy at its maximum output while I am doing any work in future.

After competing IBDP I would have enough time to explore more and I will be able to work upon certain unexplored opportunities. Possibly, I will indulge myself in activities like football, cycling, basketball, coding and hiking that I wasn’t able to give enough time due to my school assignments, school work and collage essays. This will enable me to explore more about myself and help me develop as a human being.

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