CAS PLAN- Dheer Sekhani

PS – FootballA1,2,4,5,61 Aug 2019 -31 Dec 2019I will play football and enhance my skills and represent my school in several competitions.
Service Sessions A,S1,2,5,61 Aug 2019- 1 Oct 2019I help under-privileged kids learn football through which they can maintain their well-being.
GYM A1,2,430 June 2019 – 28 Oct 2019I will go to gym and workout to maintain my fitness for my health.
Garba Fest OCC,A1,2,4,57 Sep 2019- 13 Sep 2019I will be using my photography skills and click memorable pictures for people who participated and I will be learning garba steps as well for flash mob.
FSMUN 6.0 OCC,S1,2,4,718 Aug 2019- 25 Aug 2019I will be using my photography skills to record each sessions and ceremony. I will be also helping the decor team in decoration.
Educational Trip To Mount AbuC,A1,2,4,5,6,77 Dec 2019- 12 Dec 2019 I will be trekking to several destinations like the golden chimney and I will be learning various life skills like cooking foot pitching tent, and how to handle emergency while trekking as well, lastly I will be learning to be gilli danda as well.
Global OdysseyC,A,S1,2,3,4,5,6,712 Jan 2020- 5 February 2020 I will be organizing whole food department and manage it on the day of event. I will decide the menu and allocate the work accordingly. On the day of event I will be serving waffles and pani puri.
Farewell hosting C1,2,3,4,5,731 Jan 2020- 21 Feb 2020 I will be scripting and anchoring the farewell along with 2 other people.
Cooking At Home During Quarantine C2,3,4,5,74 June 2020- 23 Aug 2020 I will be learning various cooking dishes from different cuisines and enhance my cooking skills.

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