Teaching Underprivileged Children Art and Craft @FHS

This activity consisted of me, along with my classmates, teaching children from SMC schools about art and craft. Our school hosted these workshops where every Saturday, students from SMC kids could come and we could help them learn certain skills and activities. I have always had an interest in art and crafts and so, I volunteered to teach art and craft. This was a very unique experience for me and helped me develop LO1, LO2, and LO7.

LO1 and LO2:

Like I mentioned earlier, I have always had an interest in art and craft and I have been practicing it since I was little. Hence, creativity was my strength, I was easily able to come up with different and interesting ways to create new things and this fascinated the children. Without the experience, I don’t think I would have been able to identify this as a talent of mine. However, the biggest problem I faced throughout this experience was poor communication due to language barriers. Most of the children there knew only Gujrati, which is a language I wasn’t fluent in at all. This made it difficult for me to communicate with them since every time I wanted to say something, I had to ask one of my peers that knew Gujrati to translate it for me. Even though this was problematic then, it surely helped me learn more about the language itself. The constant talking in Gujrati helped me become more fluent in it and I saw myself getting better at communicating with the kids as the days went by. I’m grateful for this experience because, without it, I would probably never have taken time out to learn my state language.


This activity had a positive effect on the people around me. Not only did I help in sharing my skills with students from less privileged schools, but this activity also helped my school community come together to work for a cause. This activity was ethical. The art and craft was done using recycled newspapers and some resources that the school probably would have thrown away otherwise. However, there were fresh resources such as paper and plastic straws used for certain craft projects that were wasted. Thus, this activity wasn’t completely ethical and had consequences as well.


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