sahyadri Trek

the trek was to Mulhar which a district in Maharashtra where we had trek to a mountain and also visited an ancient fort and temple of lord Shiva

LO 1 :-The experience of me during trekking is my strength hence I know the challenges which will come while trekking such as dehydration and low glucose concentration in body.My management skills got improved as we had to take your own tents and food for this hiking hence we all were responsible for the things that we have carried

LO 2 :- As I am allergic to dust and grass it lead to some eye site problem.Also I have a acrophobia hence I had to overcome this fear.But when it comes to eyesight I was responsible to wash my eyes and take drops which didn’t affect my eyes. Also through the support and help of my friends I had over come my fear of height which helped me to take full enjoyment of this trip.There was surely a new experience such as tent pitching as we were making our own tents and sleeping in them.

LO 4 :- As a group we all were committed to complete the track on the given time so that we could not delay on other activities.Secondly we all had strong willpower to not give up during the trek as it would make us more lazy and less energetic.Lastly we all cop-orated and

LO 6 & 7 :- As we all are aware of the current global environmental issues hence we only had observed the nature.We did not disturbed the Eco system by being quite while trekking and also by not throwing garbage on while on trekking.


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