Learning how to cook is very important as it is essential for survival. During the lockdown, I decided to learn how to cook with the help of my mother as it will help me in the future as well. Cooking also helped me pass my time productively and develop a new skill while doing so. The Learner objectives met in this experience are LO3, LO6 and LO7.

LO3: Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience-

Planning and initiating this experience was a bit difficult because I wasn’t very enthusiastic about learning to cook, but I enjoyed it when I started to learn it. I didn’t know anything related to cooking previously, but now I know how to do the basic things. I think that planning and initiating this experience will be easier in the future because I am interested in learning more.

LO6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance-

Knowing how to cook can help an individual maintain good health and well-being, which is also one of the UN’s sustainable development goals. By learning how to cook I can be aware of what my body is consuming and I can also help others take care of the food they are intaking.

LO7: Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

While learning how to cook, I learnt which ingredients are required to cook basic recipes and the benefits of each of them. I also think that I will be able spread my knowledge and advice others about which ingredients to use when cooking and explain their health benefits.

During this CAS experience I was able to be more knowledgeable about cooking. This is also a skill that will help me in the future. Not only did I learn how to make some recipes, but I also learnt how to manage and keep track of time efficiently. I also felt proud when my parents liked the food that I cooked.

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