I wanted to plant trees and water them during the lockdown as the farmers were not allowed to our society due to the lockdown. This was essential as the plants were starting to wilt and the quantity of plants in our neighbourhood is not enough so air pollution is very noticeable. So I started to plant new trees and water the rest during lockdown.

LO2-Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

I had no prior knowledge on how to plant trees so I had to watch youtube videos and take the help of my mother to understand how to plant trees. Moreover, it is an exhausting job as the soil needs to be perfect and the to maintain it is difficult. The extensive research developed my research skills as I wanted to find the species of trees that required the least amount of maintenance so as to reduce my work.

LO3-Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

I started with planning the spots were I wanted to plant the trees then I researched the low maintenance species of trees so that my workload was reduced, then I learnt how to plant them and then accomplished it and started watering them everyday until the gardener was allowed to come by the secretary.

LO 6-Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

With Plantation I wanted to improve the air quality in our neighbourhood , even thought he difference it would make now is minimal but over time it would be very important to maintain better air quality standards which will help in maintaining better health around the neighbourhood.

LO7-Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

Plantation need to be done right now as the global CO2 levels are rising and my actions may help reduced them in our locality to some extent which will be beneficial for the society as a whole and thus my current actions are really significant for a better future to some extent.

Overall, plantation was a new skill and experience that has taught me that a small step now will make a big difference in the future.


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