Dance Classes during the lockdown.

I have always been passionate about dancing and during the lockdown I couldn’t go to my usual dance class. During this time I really missed dancing and I realised that my neighbours and a few kids in my building were also interested in dancing so I thought to conduct dance classes while keeping social distancing in mind. I covered the learning outcomes: LO1, LO2, LO3, LO6 and LO7. I achieved the strands creativity and activity during this experience. 

LO1 and LO2: 

Dancing has always been something I was good at since childhood so I thought to teach this wonderful skill to others around me as well but because of the coronavirus it was very difficult to start a class with following the rules of social distancing. Furthermore, I had very little experience in teaching and choreographing dances but with the collaboration of people in the class and for the choreography I looked at some youtube videos and took inspiration from them. 


So to start the CAS experience I had to make a plan. I initially started by gathering students for the class and then after that I planned out when and where I will take the class. There was a bit of a problem with the schedule as I couldn’t get a lot of people together at once and also the students had problems with the timings. But with proper communication I was able to figure out timings and the batches. 

LO6 and LO7:

The pandemic affected everyone in the world and the city was under a lockdown and physical fitness was very important during these times. So i decided to take up this activity as dancing is an amazing form of exercise. But there was an ethical question that during a lockdown I was gathering a crowd so for that i made sure that i kept only 2 people in my batch, i only taught my neighbors and also kept social distancing in mind.


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