Monsoon Musing.

Monsoon musing and seva cafe was an event organised by few of my classmates. The event was a fundraising event where people read poems or stories they had written and seva cafe was where food was available, and the participants could buy it. I was a project aide, which included being a part of the decor team and serving food to people.  Creativity and service strands were covered during this experience. I achieved LO2, LO5 and LO6. 


Making neat decorative pieces was very difficult as my creative skills are a little weak. To overcome this challenge I watched youtube videos and took help of my friends to learn the skill and perfect what i was making. Overcoming this challenge made me feel a sense of accomplishment and also gave me confidence to take up more activities like this. I developed the learner profile risk taker during this activity. 


During this CAS experience I realised the importance of teamwork and collaboration because each of the team members had a unique set of skills and when all of us worked collaboratively we were able to do the best we could do. It is generally easy for me to work with different people as i consider every opinion so naturally it was easier for me to work in the group during this project as well. Here i developed the learner profile of being open minded because while working in a group every member has to be open minded so that every opinion is considered. 


The money collected through this project was donated to a charity called missing girls. Human trafficking is a very significant global issue and and the NGO missing girls works towards saving the kids who have been involved in such activities. When I first got to know about this issue I felt very sad knowing that we live in a world where such cruel activities are done but after raising funds for this cause and donating the money I felt happy that I have contributed towards a good cause. 

This project taught me the importance of collaboration and teamwork. I enjoyed being a part of this event and being able to contribute towards a good cause. I developed a very crucial skill during this event and overcame my weakness.  


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