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Due to lockdown, I was unable to move out of the house for a very long time and this led to no outdoor activities for me. Outdoor activities are important in order to maintain a decent physique. I have been eating a lot during the lockdown so it was important to do some kind of physical activity as well. I decided to do some exercises and go for a small walk around my complex itself, every alternate day for about 30 minutes.

With working out for 30 minutes, I made sure that arms, legs, and other parts of the body were inculcated. To learn and perform the exercises in the least time and making the exercise most effective, I made a plan encompassing a certain number of exercise which would help me do a full-body workout at home itself without the need for equipment. I knew some types of exercises already but for most to perform, I took help from YouTube which helped me to a great extent in order to complete the workout with the highest effectiveness. The advantage of working at home was that I was able to eat as much as I wanted, it was important to keep my body healthy in order to avoid any health issues and diseases, especially during this Covid-19 situation. These home workouts helped me accomplish L2, L3 and L4.

L2 as it was very challenging for me to continue doing the workout due to the number of efforts it takes to start the workout. My mom would give me a push to start the workout. It was that initial push that helped me in the first 1-2 weeks, later on, it became a kind of habit and I started really enjoying workouts. I have done similar home workout earlier as well but very less frequently like, once in 2 or 3 weeks, so doing the same every alternative day was somewhere difficult at the start but eventually, I got used to it. It was important to undertake this challenge in order to maintain much better health while having the privilege to eat whatever you want. During the process, I also learnt a number of new exercises which are more important and effective than the exercises I had known previously. And in the upcoming future, practising these exercises sometimes would help me maintain my health.

L3 because it was important to regularly do the workout for 30 minutes every alternate day. I’m not organised with the tasks I complete, but in order to continue this, I had to set a time frame during which I would just do a workout on all required days and this helped me continue the workout. Because I’m not usually organised, it is difficult for me to complete the tasks on time, but now, I’ve understood that planning my activities would help me complete the tasks quickly. For example, at the early stage, I just thought to do the workout, and I just knew few exercises and I started the workout, and while doing the exercises, I searched for YouTube videos which did waste a lot of my workout time but then, I realised this and searched for the videos a day back, listed down the exercises and also noted the time that exercise would consume so I could complete the whole thing as quick as possible. So, it is important to plan things beforehand in order to efficiently complete an activity.

L4 as it was important to show commitment towards the workout. Doing the workout on any day and at any time does not help. Doing it regularly for a particular time, and some good, particular exercises would only help to maintain good health. So, the importance of being dedicated to exercising every alternate day only helped me maintain my health. If I’d have thought to do the exercises someday, and even if I did it, it would have helped me. Also, I did not work out during the grade 11 final term for about 10 days in order to dedicate more time to study which I feel was not a good decision because workout did not really take so much of time that it would have helped so much in exams. Also, it was a bit difficult again to continue the exercise after the exams were overdue to the initial push but certainly, I started and was back on track.

To conclude, these workouts helped me gain new knowledge, eat whatever I wanted, learn why commitment and planning before doing some kind of activity are necessary and I’m glad that I did those workouts as it helped me avoid diseases and maintain good health.


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