FSCUP- Football

FS CUP( Football) : 

I participated in the interschool football tournament hosted by Fountainhead School. It was an 8v8 tournament in which 11 teams participated. Our team secured second place.


My weakness was not having enough stamina throughout the game. This affected my overall speed and our team negatively. However, I do plan to work on my stamina by exercising daily. It was important to be aware of weaknesses as I will be better prepared by exercising daily for future sports-related games or activities. My strength was that I was very good at passing the ball. Knowing this was important because then I played the role of a midfielder as a player in this position is responsible for passing the ball the most. As a result, knowing my strength, I was able to make effective use of it.


I was playing with a new team so it was challenging to communicate with every player and play according to each player’s strengths. This is because I was unaware as to how they play overall. However, as we went about our matches I realized everyone’s strengths and played accordingly. It was also very difficult to manage all the school work with early ins and stay back football practices. Through this, however, I was able to develop good organization skills and time management skills as these skills were necessary in order to manage both study work and football practices.


Football is a team sport so it is important to work collaboratively. I’ve been playing team sports for a long time so playing with others is generally easy for me. In this instance as well, I was able to play with my team easily and effectively (Communicator). Through teamwork, we were also able to motivate each other.


A global issue here is a lack of physical fitness due to for instance not being balanced. This issue is important globally because being physically fit is as very important as it keeps one healthy. Through this tournament, I became aware of the fact that I wasn’t very fit due to for instance my low stamina. This made me realize the importance of being balanced by doing both studies and physical activity equally. Knowing this global issue was important as it contributed to my personal growth. I also got to know about economic inequality as different schools had children from different economic backgrounds. This type of inequality is also present throughout the world which made me feel terrible.

Overall, this activity helped me become a better communicator and become more balanced. This was an amazing CAS experience which was essential for my personal growth.


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