Garba Fest

Few of my classmates organised an event called Garba Fest. and i was a part of the decoration team and also the flash mob team. During this experience I achieved the strand of creativity, activity and service. The Learning outcomes that were achieved are LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4, LO6 and LO7. I covered the strand creativity, activity and service in this experience. 


I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses at the start of the process. I have always enjoyed dancing and it has always been my strength so doing the flash mob was in my comfort zone but i am not so good at art so helping in the decor team was a challenge for me. When I identified my weaknesses I wanted to work on them and felt motivated when I saw others were ready to help me get better at it. In my opinion knowing my weakness and strengths helped me to work on my weaknesses and being aware of my strengths helped me to share my skills with others in the flash mob team. 


The most challenging part was making decorative items which were neat because art is a weakness of mine. I made efforts to learn everything that I was supposed to make. I watched youtube videos and asked my friends to help me and teach me. I feel very proud of myself for taking up this challenge and overcoming it. It gives me a sense of accomplishment because art has always been an area of weaknesses for me but then I finally was able to overcome it. In my opinion it is very important to take up new challenges because they teach you new skills and also lets one step out of their comfort zone. 


Time management was a difficult task during this experience because we weren’t allowed  to prepare for the flash mob and the decoration during the school hours, so we had to take out time from the after school hours for these tasks. Furthermore, there were other school tasks as well so making time in a busy schedule was a difficult task. After this experience planning and initiating projects will be easier because I learned the importance of time management. 


We had to come to school early for the flash mob practice and waking up early in the morning was very hard. So few days I felt like missing the practice and going to the school on my normal time but my determination towards the task kept me going and I did not miss a single practice. 


Animal cruelty is a global issue and the funds collected from this project were donated to a NGO who rescues animal and works against animal cruelty. When i got to know about what happens with animals i felt disgusted but then i was passionate to stop this so helping in an event that raised funds to stop such a cruel act made me feel very happy. 


Making the decorative pieces took up a lot of resources and mainly a lot of paper. And during the preparations I realised that we were wasting a lot of paper and nobody did anything about it. So from my next events i will try to reduce the wastage as much as possible and try to reuse the resources. 

During this activity I developed the learner profile of being a risk taker. I stepped out of my comfort zone and took the responsibility of working in the decor team. The activity also taught me the importance of teamwork and collaboration. 


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