Due to pandemic in the world because of covid-19 many activities were prohibited by the government and gyms were also closed. This had a very negative impact on my fitness as I was not able to do proper workout at home. After some activities were allowed in the city me and my taekwondo friends decided to start cycling. I was not a regular cycler but I knew how to ride a cycle. This was a fun activity for me. We had a fix route of 16 kms. This activity helped me to again come back to my routine of taekwondo after 3 months. 

LO 2- 

The main challenge for me was to do continuous cycling as it did not do any physical activities for a long time so I used to get tired very easily and also i had to wear a mask during cycling because of covid-19 this was also a challenge as it was not comfortable. 

Also 16 kms is a very long distance so I also faced muscle soreness. I was not in regular training as I was facing stamina issues that is the reason it was so challenging for me for a few days. I was not familiar with wearing a mask and cycling. That was one more reason I used to be tired. Muscle soreness is a side effect of the stress put on muscles when you exercise.I have not tried cycling for a long time and I have not done cycling for a very long distance so this was my first time.I faced problems for 3-4 days but then I adapted to it. Also i was adapted to wearing a mask so after 4-5 days that was not a problem for muscles soreness  had to do stretching after cycling this helped me to overcome muscle soreness. After overcoming the challenges I learned that adaptation of things can help. If we adapt, things will be easy for us. If we undertake new challenges we will learn new things, know our weaknesses and strengths and work upon our weaknesses.

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Regular cycling required commitment as I started after a long break my legs use to pain but I was regular to maintain my fitness. This required commitment. Being committed to things is very important in life if u are not committed you won’t achieve something. Being committed requires a goal and commitment is very important in achieving a goal. If we focus on a long term goal for example being fit or scoring good marks in ib/dp it will require commitment and u have to work daily in order to achieve that goal. 

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Health is a global issue, many people die because they are not fit, people die because of obesity which is a global issue. People do not do regular exercise or workout in order to be fit. This leads to health problems. Cycling helped me to stay fit in the lockdown period. Obesity and many other health peoples that occur due to less workout affects globally as  2.8 million people die because of obesity and other peoples. 

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