Global odyssey was a fun event where there were different stalls for different things for example – games, food, fashion. It was an entertainment-based event where different grade students were invited to enjoy different stalls. We were given the option to choose in which category we want to go to (decoration, food, fashion, games). I chose games as it was a very interesting category and I liked it. We have to come up with small games that we could keep on the day of the event. Which we brainstormed and decided within a few days, which was not so challenging. As we had completed our work we were called early in school so that we could help the decoration team.  


On the day of the event, we realized there were very few people who were coming to play games and the response was our games were very small and no one was showing interest. So we had to come up with this solution to the sport to overcome this problem. We had no time to come up with ideas so this was challenging for us to attract people. 

I haven’t tried anything similar in the past. This was my first time participating in such an event.  We got a solution to this problem, we decided to keep PS4 FIFA in order to attract people but the problem was we were not permitted to keep any video

Games. We talked with our event teacher about this problem and she then talked to our grade coordinator about the problem and she allowed up to keep Ps4. one of our friends had ps4 and his home was also nearby so he called his parents and asked to give ps4 in the school. Then I arranged a TV and we were able to overcome this challenge. 


Working in a group is always beneficial in my point of view. In this particular activity, I did not face any difficulties in working with my peers. If I was working alone I would not be able to deal with all the challenges that we faced. As we were a group and everyone contributed in different ways we were able to overcome all the challenges. When we faced the problem each group member gave ideas and contributed from which we were able to deal with all the challenges.


Firstly we were planning to keep a game that was related to gambing but according to school policy we were not allowed and we had to change our game. 

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