My friends started an arts workshop named as house of arts which was free of cost, they made people try different forms of visual arts so they can explore more. I participated in this workshop because I was interested in drawing although  I was not familiar with drawing as I was just a beginner. I enjoy doing arts and I was also curious to know different types of forms in drawing. So this was an opportunity for me to know my interest, strength and weakness. I tried different things, for example eraser drawing, sketching and many more interesting things. It was a fun workshop and for me it was more like a stress buster, I enjoyed it and when I do drawing I forget all my worries. 

LO 2 

For me the most challenging thing was making quality artworks because I was not familiar with drawing,sketching and visual arts. It was all new for me . but my friends supported me. I have tried drawing in my classes also I have tried decoration and artwork in global odyssey and seva cafe . but this was a bit different this required creative drawing skills and also sketching.I don’t focus more on how my drawing is, I just enjoyed it and this is how i was able to overcome this challenge. I learned from this challenge that being perfect is not important. You need to be satisfied with your work, you don’t have to make others satisfied. Undertaking challenges helps us to learn new things, which helps us to grow so it is important to face new challenges. 


The class was held every saturday so being consent was important as there was only one class in a week. I enjoyed every class so being consistent was not a challenge for me. Commitment of completing tasks sensorly and also attending class every week was important for this activity. Being committed is easy for me when I enjoy the task if there is anything that I do not enjoy, I won’t be able to stay committed. Commitment is important to achieve a goal, no goal is possible to achieve without regularity and commitment. 

LO 6 

Stress is a major issue globally and many people’s health is affected by stress and many people go into depression due to stress, which then leads to many suicides globally. This workshop helped me reduce my stress. It also made me calm and I forget about everything when I do drawing. I feel everyone should have their stress busters which make them feel good and forget about their stress. 

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