Workout during lockdown

During the lockdown it was crucial to take care of our physical health and in order to do that I decided to take up working out at home as my CAS experience. I will be covering the activity strand in this experience. I covered LO1, LO2, LO3 and LO4 

LO1 and LO2:

I have not been a very athletic person but before the lockdown I kept doing some or the other physical activities but due to the lockdown everything stopped and then i had to find motivation to workout and keep up with my fitness during the lockdown. Lack of motivation to workout was a big weakness. By taking this experience I got to work on my fitness and also I understood the importance of fitness. 


To make this workout I had to come up with a schedule so I made a workout schedule with the help of my supervisor. While making this schedule I had to keep in mind the other school work that I had. As it was a month program I also had to make some changes according to different scenarios. 


Perseverance was very important during this CAS experience because i worked out in the morning and waking up early in the morning during lockdown was very hard. Some days I felt like missing the workout or doing it later in the day but i successfully did not miss out on any workouts but few days i wasn’t able to wake up in the morning but I made sure I worked out later in the day. 

In conclusion, I developed the learner profile principle because this experience taught me to follow my workout routine and not skip a day. Working out in the morning gave me strength for the rest of the day and made me feel productive. 


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