CAS REFLECTION- service sessions

Service sessions are initiated by the varsity to produce a chance for the students to assist unprivileged children and make a change for global significance. once I had the chance to create a change, I felt the thrill and was very happy that I could help someone and make a change for the betterment of their lives and society. Service sessions helped young children learn to play sports, cooking food dishes, learn dancing, learn painting and the way to control a computer. Particularly, I helped those children learn football as i do know a way to play it well and that i have also played many regional tournaments. it absolutely was my first time interacting with someone I don’t know and teaching them a way to play sports. it absolutely was a touch difficulty on behalf of me to speak with them because the children came from a range of various cultures and everybody spoke different languages. i used to be impressed by the way my friends and myself bonded with the kids.I was also impressed by the kids, they were very curious and enthusiastic to be told new things and interact with us. It gave the impression of the service sessions really meant lots to them as all of them wore their new clothes and were dressed very well.

LO5: Demonstrate the talents and recognize the advantages of working collaboratively

Working as a bunch is mostly easy with me as having people with different skill sets helps the entire group to divide work equally consistent with their skills and also the work gets done faster.

It was easy on behalf of me to figure as a bunch with my friends as we usually play together and that we share a pleasant bond with one another. initially it absolutely was difficult for everybody to talk different languages, eventually, we divided people into different groups consistent with the language they speak. Dividing people into groups made it lots easier for us to speak with children. football will be kicked in an exceedingly number of various ways, and every one people used variety of various techniques to kick the ball which helped us teach the kids not one but variety of how of kicking the ball. Which was also one in every of the advantages of working as a bunch to create work easier and quicker.

LO6: Demonstrate engagement with the problems of world significance

Education and Hygiene were the problems which were catered during the service sessions. i feel that Education is extremely essential for one’s survival. With the shortage of resources, it’s very hard for these underprivileged children to coach themselves, the education provided to them is extremely limited. Education makes it easier for someone to earn and feed themselves, therefore it’s vital for these children to find what they like and educate themselves the maximum amount as possible for a brighter future. Being awake to the importance of education, it thrives to be told more and more each day. There are variety of health problems which are caused because of lack of hygiene. Therefore, we encouraged the kids to clean their hands with soap during the break before having anything. Teaching these little things to them features a very great impact on their lives within the future, on behalf of me being an element of this brought me proud and bliss. I enjoyed these service sessions abundantly. I can now say that i attempted to create a change permanently, and that i would really like to thank Fountainhead School to produce me with the chance for creating a change.

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