A Walk with A Dog

My dog is probably the person I love the most in the world, and due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, I got the opportunity to spend more time with him. Due to numerous cases in our neighbourhood, my family moved to our farm house located in the isolated Kachholi near Navsari. My farm is surrounded by Chikoo (sapodilla) forests, and you only see about 2 strangers on the road per day if you’re lucky, otherwise its just you in your paradise. Hence I thought it was pretty safe to take my dog on a walk with me every morning in our area.

LO1 : I have never been a much active person, as I prefer to sit with my books and music, but looking and feeling the pure atmosphere around my farm house inspired me to take long walks along my street. It was also important to maintain my physical health while being in lockdown as we are not getting the regular exercise we generally do just by being in school.

LO2 : Waking up everyday at 7 was tough at first, but then I just took it as a challenge and grew more and more determined to do this for myself and my dog. Due to this activity, my physical health has improved, as I can walk for longer durations and my endurance rate has also increased.

LO4 : There were many days where I just wanted to sleep in and not move at all, but then I remembered the fresh air, my excited dog and how much better I felt after taking these walks, and I did not give up. Hence, I showed perseverance and commitment to this activity for both my and my dog’s benefit.

LO6 : I focused on my well being and better health from this activity. After taking walks like this, I could feel both my physical and mental health improving. These walks acted as an outlet for me, where I could calmly think about my problems and come up with solutions without stressing, and spending this much more time with my dog also made me feel a lot better mentally.

Learner Profile : This event helped me become a better reflector and thinker, as I got to know all the benefits just taking a walk got me, and reflected upon them to learn more about myself and walking. I was caring in the way that I took care of my dog on my walks, and turned around back home when it looked like he was overexerting himself (he’s eight years old now, so already an old man XD).

In conclusion, these walks with my dog helped me improve my mental and physical health, gave me the opportunity to connect more with my dog, provided me an outlet for figuring out the solutions to my problems, and connected me better to nature.

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