Educational Trip To Mount abu !

Before the winter break, our school organised a trip to Mount Abu for 4-5 days. This trip was exceptionally a trekking experience, so we had to prepare ourselves accordingly. The weather in Mount Abu was extremely cold; we carried our woollen-packed luggage bags ourselves to our camping site which was on a high hill. We did many mountaineering activities like rock climbing, rapling, zip lining, caving and boating. We lived in natural surroundings and had to adapt to different food, cold and dry weather. We also got to know about different types of vegetation, trees, living conditions.

LO-1- Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth.

The treks we had were very big that we used to get exhausted, since we had daily treks, I managed to get used to it. It needs a lot of stamina and agility and at times catching breath could be difficult in cold weather. Also I overcomed my height fear with the help of instructors.

LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

The treks were very interesting but also at the end of the day it was very tiring, and we had trekking every day. For the first time, I experienced caving there, sliding through the thin gaps between the rocks in dark was very challenging. However I was afraid of dark my peers, teachers and the guide encouraged me to complete the task and helped me overcome my fear of dark and made the trip memorable for me.

LO5: working collaboratively and helping each other

Is something which makes a task easier and quicker. while trekking and caving, it was necessary to guide the person behind you, if something unusual appears and also caving was to be done exactly as the guide says, so once you do it you need to help the person next to you with the same instructions and since I was ahead and others were following me I did guide them exactly as the instructed said.

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